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Joan La Barbara - Tapesongs

(1977, Chiaroscuro Records CR196 LP, out of print.)

Brilliant from start to end...


01 Cathing (8:04)

02 Solo for Voice 45 (from Songbooks) (13:18)

03 Thunder (22:52)

Tracks 1 and 3 composed by JLB; track 2 composed by John Cage. Timpani on "Thunder" performed by Warren Smith and Bruce Ditmas.

Joan La Barbara - voice and electronics

(She was, and remains, the definition of bad-ass. A microphone, a mic stand, an amp, and a speaker on a chair. No room for improvement.)


(101 MB, ripped @ 320 from the original vinyl.)



Luxe Interiors,



bsack said…
badass indeed, and still feisty.
she was here in Buffalo in march - i ran lights at
a concert that one of her compositions
was being premiered at - she wasn't singing,
alas ... i ran home and
got my copy of tapesongs & got her
to autograph it.

a great record - thanks for posting it!
RoryD said…
Any chance of a reup pretty please ?
Anonymous said…
Gone... :-( Any chance for a re-upload? Please?...

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