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KSV Bandcamp: Two New Uploads

Tom Smith: Mechanical and Visceral Form - triple lathe-cut vinyl LP - available NOW

TLASILA at the Institut, Hannover

Merkwürdig Riechnerv: Stumpf, Hannover, 15. Oct

KSV Bandcamp: Archival Releases Available Now for Free

Eros + Mass = Lice Billionaire...

Stench Day Bonus: New Releases from KSV...

Karl Schmidt Verlag: These Six New Releases Will Be Made Available Tomorrow

Holo Sounds 2

Hallo, Greetz, Buongiorno!

Merkwürdig Riechen: "Kommissionslager" C-40 Available NOW!

Re: Brussels, terrorism, fear, hate, intolerance, and general human weakness...

TLASILA: USA 2015 > Philadelphia, 2 June

TLASILA: USA 2015 > NYC, 2 June

TLASILA: USA 2015 > NYC (Brooklyn), 1 June

She opened strange doors that we'd never close again...

Short Cut to Hell (Day 010)

TLASILA: USA 2015 > Boston, 31 May

Short Cut to Hell (Day 009)

TLASILA: USA 2015 > Rochester, 30 May