The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply: Howl a Lil' Bit Longer...

The last minute submissions are flowing; the final mix (from the great Achim Wollscheid!) should be on my desk any day now. So, a reason to celebrate...

(Click above to view a larger version of the image.)

This album will be a sick, crippling beast.

Many thanks to the participating artists for coming through, and to John at Important for letting go at the proper juncture. Much of the credit goes to executive producer Graham Moore, about whom only absurdly flattering oaths need be flung. You ruled... And sincere thanks to Jakub at MonotypeRec for everything above and beyond the call.

Yours Faithfully,



bruitiste said…
Considering the source material, how can this not be completely awesome? Looking forward to it.


p.s. small typo in the poster, it's RLW, not RWL...
ommyth said…
My vision is permanently blurred, B. Will correct immediately. ;)

Just received Achim Wollscheid's mix in the post... So freaking good.

Cheers, as ever,


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