A Crazed 48...

Hello Again,

Don't know where to begin, as we've been everywhere, and had a whack at nearly every conceivable human behavioral sidestep, save perhaps the more languid varieties of incestuous cannibalism. (We'll get to it.)

I'll backtrack: we're relaxing post-dinner, and will be off to Pit's salon at Wohlklang around 20:30. An illustrated report (and a Karl Schmidt document) will likely follow. Earlier, we watched Double Indemnity after a hike through the outlying labyrinth of footpaths which crisscross Hannover (and every other German encampment). Barbara Stanwyck played the perfect femme fatale, of course, but when Fred McMurray utters the positively post-modern riposte "I love you too" to Edward G. Robinson, synapses collapse. Superb, superb... Took scores of photographs, some documenting Friday's agreeably odd language school Christmas party, others test images for the forthcoming vinyl release of The Cortege, and at least a dozen new exposures taken whilst strolling through the old royal gardens (I'm making a holiday calendar for my mom)...

Last night, a (not-so) private party at the Ping-Pong Club; our pal Sabine was one of the two DJs on duty, and we talked of Joy Orbison and mixdiscs amid the usual half-blasted blather. Before, a very solid set by Kreidler at Glocksee.

(Fewer than 30 people were in the audience. Two encores were requested, and the quartet were very obliging. Immediately after, teenies arrived en masse for Dubmosphere, which usually consists of Bob Marley's "One Love" shuffled on a fucking Nano for seven hours. Oy, etc.)

In the past few hours, editing has continued on Die Fehde des Gemischs. Making serious headway...

Gotta get ready for the show.




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