Even Brighter Supernovae...

Holy God, what a year it's been for Kryptic Minds. They've been on an insane tear since the February release of the brilliant "One of Us"/"Six Degrees" 12" (on Loefah's Swamp 81 imprint; the b-side, failing an exceptional shock, will likely be my favorite track of '09), and August's One of Us full-length was immeasurably great from start to end. Absolutely fucking killer in every respect... They followed these triumphs with two moodier, only slightly less surprising releases, "768" on Tectonic (a split 12" with Pinch & Moving Ninja), and last month's powerfully obstinate "Life Continuum"/"Wondering Why" single on Osiris Music.

But now...

I've just been obliterated by their newest new release of 2009, "Code 46"/"The Weeping" (on Disfigured Dubz). Fuck... And there's also a sensational Loxy & Resound remix of Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch's perfect 2006 "Hide the Tears" single, just issued on Razor's Edge...

These guys were a little shaky ca. 2007, but they've come back at 1,000 times' strength since their defection to the dubstep camp (which is itself mutating faster than even the most obsessive gene mappers are able to follow). Sick, sick greatness...

The future roars past in real time. Shed your skins and get with the slipstream!



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