It's been another mad day... Aaron Dilloway sent his mix for the TLASILA remix box, and Toecutter completely re-worked his previous submission, deftly tossing it through the kitchen window all the way from Oz. Both, as you might suspect, are utterly bonkers... Cheers, lads!

We'll have a new KSV release for you tomorrow - stay tuned!

I've had the opportunity to chat with Evan, my son, twice in the last two days. Such a relief to have a semblance of regular contact again. He's in the lovely, sun-dappled, bikini-clad city of Kabul at the moment, and he's getting mighty tired of the Italian house music pumping out of the topless tattoo parlors... Also had a lengthy chat with Ray Brassier, the philosopher and author of Nihil Unbound. Ray will be penning the liner notes to Refusal, the 20-year retrospective TLASILA box coming next year on Menlo Park. It's always a treat to engage in dialogue with Ray - he definitely gets it.

Mark Morgan, Sightings exemplar and occasional TLASILA member, is also preparing a mix for the Grief compilation, as is Dylan Nyoukis, Hannover's own Andreas BrĂ¼ning, and Warsaw-based composer Dominik Kowalczyk. The box has grown into a 3xCD/1x7" behemoth, and we sincerely hope you'll enjoy it. It's been more than two years in the making, and everyone involved has done amazing work...

Okay, off to bed. The CP is drifting quietly, and I long to join her in slumber.

(That is, until the construction crews start their cruel devices in the morning!)

Gute Nacht,



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