Honing Comfort: Karl Schmidt Verlag!

Good Morning,

We hope to have all forthcoming KSV releases ready for immediate shipment by the end of the week. Rather than issue them in spastic jerks and cryptic shudders, they'll instead be launched from our forward tubes simultaneously. Take only what you're able to absorb.

The new releases:

KSV 012 Nevai/Myth - Hirtenlieder (Postponed from last year.)
KSV 062 Soi-même - Let the Clots Come (My new project with Liz Peyton 2.)
KSV 063 Screwdriver (sic) - Skewed Plural (Total fucking onomatopoetic sickness, salvaged from the ruin of TSSR.)
KSV 064 Minimal Man / Peach of Immortality & Patrick Miller - Live, Hardart Gallery, Washington, DC, November 16, 1984 (Oh yeah.)
KSV 065 A-Aachen AAL Nevada Jim - Monitor Worm (The short-lived Atlanta trio's collected studio recordings. A two-disc compendium.)
KSV 066 VA - Aerating Hortatory Trove (The complete 1996 Tora Tora Tora Festival recordings. Fourteen discs!)
KSV 067 Juror Murk - Jowl Rig Rumour (New U- und S-Bahn deformations from Karl.)
KSV 068 Silly Art Fick 25 (Live, Silke Arp Bricht, 22 Jan 10) (Two discs.)
KSV 069 Three Resurrected Drunkards - Wohlklang, 13. Feb.
KSV 071 TS - Aarau Adversarials (Turntable experiments from Ohne HQ, 2002.)

Some of these are ready to go now, but give us another few days and we'll unleash the ten-spot.

Thanks for everything!




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