Knead a Teat! (New KSV Megamix!)

Hello Again,

Something for your weekend evening's displeasure: a new Karl Schmidt Verlag megamix, featuring excerpts from our most recent releases. Free for the taking - choose your server poison and, after 18:22, PURGE.

Get it here.

Excerpted: TLASILA - Die Fehde des Gemischs (KSV 030); TS - To Which Clotted Horrors Do You Fail to Refer? (KSV 041); Tom Smith - A Cambric Ticketing Whelk (Music for Naturally Occurring Black Metal λόγος) (KSV 044a); Withered Runes - Unworthy Censer (KSV 047); 40 Berlin Versions (KSV 050); Linda, Viola & Uwe - Sniper Fantasy (KSV 052); Panagiotis A. Stathis - Selected Works 2004-2009 (KSV 053); Gaunt Exes - Schwache Empfangsspannun (KSV 058); Patrick Spurlock - Les Circonvolutions du Cortège (KSV 059); Summer Recreation Camp - Wohlklang, Hannover (6 Dec 09) (KSV 061a), and Alan Courtis & Paz Levinson - Galeria Lunar, Hannover (28 Dec 09) (KSV 061b).

(KSV 044a is only available with my new book; KSV 061a/061b are included as bonus discs in the What's a qNadsat Word for Tank Jazz? rucksack/box and will not be issued separately.)

Safe Trips,

Tom (& Karl)


toy piano said…
cover fucking rules!!!

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