New Certanties...


I've forgotten or neglected to mention that:

1) There will likely be a new Sightings/Tom Smith album recorded in October, and for a change, here in Germany. We're very excited to begin our fifth collaborative endeavor.


Yes. Firstly, there was an abandoned attempt at a TS-produced Sightings album in 1999. (They were a little too green and unfocused at the time, and I didn't have the required swagger to bend the universe to suit our collective will.) Secondly, there was the (eventually unissued) album begun at Jerry Teel's long-gone NYC studio Funhouse in 2000, and completed in North Miami Beach on the Western Blot Mobile (i.e., a big-ass HP Pavilion desktop running Windows 98) in 2001. (It shreds, completely, compulsively, but cruel transpositions of fate intervened.) Thirdly, Gardens of War, the inaugural Sightings/Tom Smith platter recorded in Brooklyn in 2003 and released on The Smack Shire (the label I co-founded with the still-late, still-great Gerard Klauder) in 2004. Fourthly, the fruitful (though somewhat cramped and stress-strewn) rehearsals that culminated in our collaborative performance at the 2005 No Fun Fest in Red Hook, Brooklyn. There was also a 2004 (?) one-off S/TS gig at the now-sundered Tonic where we introduced our "I never liked The Pop Group/I only loved Happy Mondays" narrative into the too-cozy Manhattan club biome, mainly as a reaction to a fucking godawful opening act who visually aped Suicide while trolling in shallow On-U/Maffia silts.

2) In recognition of the above, KSV 070: Sightings/Tom Smith - The Complete Gardens of War Sessions. Three discs, three hours, sourced from the digital rather than the analog recordings, and thus wonderfully shorn of organic warmth and natural resonance. No, these takes just HURT. Coming soon, as a poisoned spine of the larger release anemone. Official, approved by both parties, and limited to 15 copies...

3) Two new TLASILA live albums are on the way, both from the 2008 "TLASILA 666" European campaign, which for me produced the ultimate expression of the live group as a fully gesticulated ensemble. Some of the performances (Lyon, Toulouse, Hamburg, Valencia, Geneva) don't just rank among the best we ever created - they are the best we ever created. (The dead weight had to be excised.)

4) There will definitely be a new batch of releases from Rope Cosmetology. I'm wrapping up the vocal overlays for our forthcoming release on 905 Tapes, and we also hope to issue a long-player later in the Spring/Summer of 2010 as well. And, fuck yeah, we absolutely have to tour again.

There were six or seven other bullet points I'd intended to address, but I have to bust out of the office and meet the CP for a movie...




bruitiste said…
Payday was yesterday -- I'm ready for the (ever growing) coming onslaught of KSV releases.
Will we ever hear a second Lester Knox comp?

ommyth said…
Hallo Herr Bruitiste!

There's actually a manipulated Knox tape used as part of the instrumental backdrop during the Peach of Immortality collab recording with Minimal Man's Patrick Miller, and, although genuinely rapacious, it didn't make it onto the TSSR Knox compilation, as it was eaten by a cruel Pioneer deck in the early 1990s... Wrapping up the Aarau Adversarials album even as I type! Soon, BB...

Your Friend,


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