The Imperial on the Stab-Happy Baronial...


Karl Schmidt Verlag is usually promo-shy (pomo, not so much), but these words from the ever-perspicacious Donnadieu (writing in Imperial Dreidl) regarding our new Skewed Plural release (KSV 063) hit the skein on its head...

"Countering civilization, escaping the self-induced neurasthenic rationality of the theatrical model - the severe industrial Mumford drugs telegraphed in the forced sublimation of the beard - deflects disturbance theories of throttled misery and inexorable discourse. Skewed Plural's spectacular barrage of early-century baronial, détraqué suffrage is the knife in the readymade, an overbearing frivolity restaging the devalued, reasonable carnage of the radical avant-garde. Brutes escape the light and fix ambiguity to a bruised thigh."

Merci, mon frere!




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