KSV April-May Master Mix!

Hi Again,

For the latecomers and night-blooming frighteners, a recap:

KSV April-May Master Mix!

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Clockwise from top left:

KSV 060 Horseshoe Bob - Willkürlichauswahl #1; KSV 073 Academia Riding Rust - I Can't Be Arsed to Be Incensed by Self-Perpetuated Stasis; KSV 074 Katja Fregatte - Venom Zinn Funkapolitan Reynolds Reynols; KSV 075 Factories Empty Evening - Parched Lawns Are Low Sun; KSV 076 Pato & Crystal Plumage - Wohlklang, 17. März; KSV 077 Brenda Harris: The Woman on the Bed; KSV 078 Pécas in Dub: Je suis une (horny penman); KSV 079 Tom Smith - "Die Frau" betreffend; KSV 080 Little Claw - Sturnglocke 30. März; KSV 081 Wohlklang: 8. April (Bruital Orgasme); KSV 082 17. April: Auf Wiedersehen Silke! (Jacques Palminger & The Kings of Dubrock / DJ Booty Carell); and KSV 083 Pit Noack - Villa Vaudeville, 22. April.

01 KSV April-May Master Mix (15:49)

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