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It's always good manners to thank someone for supplying a link (or revitalizing a dead one), and even better to seed a comment trail. Many of you have already nabbed the Faust. Eros. Tod bootleg, but none of you have bothered to leave your thoughts. Please do so - the TLASILA community is interested in what you have to say.



Anonymous said…
( Takes of imaginary hat, bows )
Hi Tom,
Sorry for the wordless intrusion. A bad habit that's hard to shake off.
Liked DG-FET the first time I downloaded it. Lost the file. Thought: nice to get a second chance.
Do you think Germany will win the world cup?
In a few hours the Durch will walk into the arena for the first time in the tournament. The whole country holds its breath. Is that noticeable on your side of the border?
Best, Leo Zandvliet
ommyth said…
Hello Leo,

Yeah, a great bootleg deserves to enjoy a long, fitful, life. I'm glad you had an opportunity to nab it for yourself again!

Cheers on the performance of the Orange (so far) in today's match! They have as much chance as any squad to go to the final.

Uncertain if Germany will be able to make it past the semis - Australia was very weak last night, so perhaps we shouldn't use the match as an indicator of Deutschland's overall strength. Still, they showed a lot of life, and who knows, ja?

Go everyone! I rooted for the USA on Saturday, and I get an extra month on my rail card every time Germany wins a match, but as I fan I tend not to take sides too rabidly. I just want to watch great footie!


Medjoub said…
I've yet to completely imbibe Faust's gory pivo, but I'll belatedly thank you for the original upload. And the Camper Van Chabourne has provided hours of cosmos-searing enjoyment as well. Indeed, thinking over the slew of DLs you've provided, embarrassment at having not expressed gratitude before overtakes me. To wit, thank you.

Hopefully I'm not about to prove the above disingenuous: for some unknown reason, I failed to get the second half of DB's "Milwaukee" cassette and you are apparently the only denizen in the blogosphere that has upped it. If you ever get a hankering, I'd more than a little appreciate another chance to grab the side B. The first half is something spectacular. In any case, again, thanks for the various opportunities for aesthetic revelation.

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