Hello Again,

The new book has arrived from the printer. It took a few days longer than I'd originally anticipated, so apologies are due for the delay. As with all KSV emanations, however, the wait merely ensures the maintenance of your delirium!

Here are Unpunished's forty-eight pages, arrayed for the gratification of your lower natures.

The first edition is already sold out. Let us know if you require a copy from the second printing.

(Click for a much larger image.)




Jared said…
OK, so I got my order of KVS releases in the mail today (I'm that customer from New Zealand, the first!). AWESOME. Now I NEED 'Unpunished'. Is there a second printing? Or is it print-on-demand? I need it.
ommyth said…
Dear Jared,

KSV's books are always available.

The albums are released in strictly limited editions, but tomes demand a less restrictive dogma...

At your leisure, sir!

Many thanks for your interest, enthusiasm, and very kind words.



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