Tenerife #1

Almost relaxed... Arrived late, around 20:00, Tenerife time, due to flugzeug maintenance dithering in Hannover. No probs, regardless. The Tooth Fairy was the in-flight film. Brutal. (Omens, as ever, are inauspicious.) At the bus rank, a rotund local intoned "Left, left, left right left!" to mock the oncoming German horde... Trudged into the hotel, and were quickly ensconsed into the stateroom-sized bar to shake off the flight and await our turn at reception. Immediately, a recording opportunity - two competing music sources, demanding attention. While a woeful, yet dutifully valiant trio were wafting pop covers on the patio, a superbly dyspeptic DJ spat out 50s rock standards at two-to-three times the intended speed for a gaggle of kids sequestered within a sunken dance floor. KSV titanium. Thankfully, this spectacle is scheduled to repeat itself throughout our stay...

Tenerife Sud is spectacular, as expected. The cocktails are large, their properties both labyrinthine and blunt. Intoxication is the first step towards calm.

Today, water and sun. We pick up the pace tomorrow.



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