And Another New Album from KSV...


Heading out soon for a birthday party, but before the first shots are poured, a heads-up on the new KSV compilation, Was ihr verpasst habt...

(Or, for those of you not yet conversant in German, What You Missed...)

It's a two-disc set, subtitled "A Karl Schmidt Verlag Totem Collision." Using a randomizing algorithm, we re-ordered the chronology of the first 103 KSV releases, then mixed one-to-two-minute segments together to create the pair of compositions contained within.

For example, the first disc begins with an excerpt from KSV 072 Tom Smith & Blue Sabbath Black Fiji with Pit Noack & Olaf Gehrke - Six Resurrected Sabbaths (2010), then segues into a bit of soft tissue snipped from KSV 019 Three Resurrected Drunkards - Begriffsschrift (2009), and so on, concluding on disc two with an extract from KSV 082 17. April -- Auf Wiedersehen Silke (Jacques Palminger & The Kings of Dubrock / DJ Booty Carell) (2010). Nearly two hours altogether...

Here's the outer sleeve:

If you want a copy, you can reserve one now, or just want until tomorrow, when they'll go on sale. Limited edition of 15, with a special price of only €12 in the EU (postpaid), and €15 elsewhere (also postpaid).

OK, off to celebrate a friend's imminent drunken decline.

Until Later,



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