KSV Update: September 2, 2010

(Amended 3 Sept 10.)

Hi Again,

As Kevin Drumm's album recedes into the fetid mists from which it was sired, a review of the releases still available, and those about to come...

We have exactly four copies left of both Karl Schmidt's collection of Parisian field recordings, Jourdain (KSV 097), and Linda, Viola & Uwe's translucent detournment of residential construction sounds, Eine ruhige Nachbarschaft (KSV 098). Justin Bieber failed to guest on the latter.

(Above, KSV 097 Karl Schmidt - Jourdain, and KSV 098 Linda, Viola & Uwe - Eine ruhige Nachbarschaft.)

The books that we publish are open-ended editions. If you want a copy of one of them, just request the title, and we'll print it on demand.

We have two books currently in stock: KSV 044 Tom Smith - Naturally Occuring Black Metal λόγος (2010, including a bonus soundtrack CD), and KSV 054 Tom Smith - Unpunished (2010, with a forward by Aaron Dilloway).

(Left to right: KSV 044 Tom Smith - Naturally Occuring Black Metal λόγος, and KSV 054 Tom Smith - Unpunished.)

Forthcoming releases:


KSV 090 Ommyth - Peed Inks: Visualizations of Hemocyte Morphology (A 120-page photobook with accompanying soundtrack disc.)
KSV 099 Tenerife Monitor - Without Compass, I Am Found (2xCD)
KSV 100 Tom Smith - Solo Vocal No. 1
KSV 102 Das mildeste von milden - Der Blutegel in der kraftlose
KSV 103 Von Uexküll Trio g. Das Versagen des Akkus

In holding patterns

KSV 094 VA - Valencia Postcard
KSV 095 Kevin Drumm & Greg Kelley - TBA
KSV 096 I Nosh at El Al - TBA (The return of Andy Bolus and Tom Smith's extremely short-lived super-super-stuporgroup of the late 1990s!)



Single discs are € 8.49 EU / € 10 elsewhere, postpaid.
Double discs are €14 to destinations in the EU, € 17 elsewhere. Postage is included.

As for books, Naturally Occurring is €45, and Unpunished is €25. Both are postpaid.

PayPal: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.

Everything else is SOLD OUT!


Best Wishes,

Karl Schmidt & TS


bruitiste said…
Drumm + Kelley? Bolus!! The mind reels...

all the best,

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