Update: Me

Hello Everyone,

Apologies for the unusual lack of activity here, but I've been slowly succumbing to a cold picked up Sunday afternoon during a torrential downpour. There's so much going on in the background - we just got back from another of Pit Noack's salons at the Oberdeck - but the foreground has the floor through this evening. I'm pretty exhausted, and I have a 7AM class to teach in the morning. No time for anything save collapse.

On tap: a pair of videos to post, two new KSV titles to introduce to you, and several installments of Show Fruit that need to be uploaded. Plus, I'll probably relaunch the previous Karl Schmidt Verlag fusillade, as there were a few details I never got round to adding.

Also: the new Rope Cosmetology, KD/TS tour info, the various 20th-anniversary TLASILA releases, etc.

Love to All,

Your Sick-Ass Friend,



Anonymous said…
hope you feel better soon tom


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