Freitag Nacht Lights and Licks...

Hello Friends,

Recoding (and recording) over the weekend in Berlin with Wouter Jaspers at his Neukölln bunker. Super-suppurated to be in the city again after only one week. Word on the strasse has it that I'll be receiving a copy of the video of the second-ever performance by Ohne (April 2002, Public Gallery, Paris) while I'm there.

(I suppose you might guess that I'm very excited by this prospect. And you'd be righter than Tancredo-cuckoo-batshit-level right.)

Hope to get snaps and info shards of the new KSV hatchlings uploaded before my train leaves in the morning, but if I don't, reconfigure previous notices for Tuesday. We have a profusion of sick produkt in the wings.

Last weekend of availability for KSV 106 Salon Oberdeck: 9. September (B*Tong) and KSV 110 Kevin Drumm & Tom Smith - Mud Keeps Lifting Me Higher. Since I'll likely be too wiped out to perform any label duties on Monday, we'll keep the door open until midnight Tuesday morning. Order now, or miss 'em. Your call.




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