KSV Weekend Dogma Report

Hi All,

So, here are the availability stats of recently issued Karl Schmidt Verlag joy-bundles:

It's last orders for the following:

KSV 097 Karl Schmidt - Jourdain
KSV 098 Linda, Viola & Uwe - Eine ruhige Nachbarschaft
KSV 099 Tenerife Monitor - Without Compass, I Am Found (2xCD)
KSV 100 Tom Smith - Solo Vocal No. 1
KSV 102 Das Mildeste von Milden - The Leech in the Anodyne
KSV 103 Von Uexküll Trio g. Das Versagen des Akkus
KSV 104 VA - Was ihr verpasst habt ... (2xCD KSV compilation)
KSV 105 Messeparkplatz Ost & Aperçus - Aufruhr im Hamburger Botschaft!


Within the Eurozone, €8.49, postpaid. Elsewhere, €11, postage included.

Two-disc sets: EU, €12, postpaid. Elsewhere, €15, postpaid.

Orders to: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com

As of Monday morning, the above octet will be confined to the vault. No further orders will be accepted. If you still want one of these, order NOW.


You've got eight more days to purchase:

KSV 106 Salon Oberdeck: 9. September (B*Tong)

KSV 110 Kevin Drumm & Tom Smith - Mud Keeps Lifting Me Higher

Afterwards, they'll be consigned to moldy redoubts. Buy soon or dry your eyes with sandpaper...

Within the Eurozone, €8.49, postpaid. Elsewhere, €11, postage included.


Fifteen more days of availability remain for:

KSV 108 Academia Riding Rust - Improvident Upskirt

KSV 111 Katja Fregatte - Metalized

No need to trample your fellow aesthetes. (Yet.)

Within the Eurozone, €8.49, postpaid. Elsewhere, €11, postage included.


And, coming next Friday for a three-week stay:

KSV 109 Gaunt Exes - Peel '79 Is Insufficient

KSV 112 TS - Pull Outs Vol. 1-3

KSV 113 Kino im Springel, 9. Okt: Colotomix (Konzert für RK) (2xCD)

KSV 116 Kristof Schreuf - Oberdeck, 18. Okt

KSV 117 RM74 / Herpes Ö Deluxe - 19. Okt, Sturmglocke (2xCD)

KSV 118 Pit Noack - Crystal Castle Abschlusskonzert

KSV 119 Three Resurrected Drunkards - REM Konzert 78


Alles klar?

Until Later, with Love,



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