Dear, Death-Defying Droogies,

There are ten new releases on Karl Schmidt Verlag. Ready for infection?

KSV 101 Astrolabe Gill - Gorilla Bleats

Features eighteen minutes of newly interpolated material from the original sessions, and a much, much better mix than the one fired off for the digital iteration...

KSV 107B Eric Arn, Wouter Jaspers & Stefan Kushima - Templates (Version)

Eric Arn's superb re-edit/remix lifts blasts this compendium through Oort Cloud salts and straight into the gaping heart of a wormier infinity.

(NB: if you ordered the first edition of this album, the Arn re-fix pictured above was included in your parcel as a free gift. No need to order twice!)

KSV 109 Gaunt Exes - Peel '79 Is Insufficient

Ire unleashed at the local (i.e., universal) level...

KSV 112 TS - Lo-Volt Lupus

Alphabets fend mouths through unfathomable depths...

KSV 113 Kino im Springel, 9. Okt: Colotomix (Konzert für RK)

RIP Rüdiger Klose...

KSV 116 Kristof Schreuf - Oberdeck, 16. Okt (2xCD)

Exceptional performance from the ex-Kolossale Jungend stalwart and Lennon boot ultra-freak...

KSV 117 RM74 & Herpes O Deluxe - 19. Okt, Sturmglocke (2xCD)

Reto Mäder (aka RM74) and fellow Bern trope-raiders Herpes Ö Deluxe in devastating form...

(The first ten orders get a free A3 poster!)

KSV 118 Pit Noack - Crystal Castle Abschlusskonzert

Sirens descend and occlude as Herr N dazzles Ausland...

KSV 119 Three Resurrected Drunkards - REM Konzert 78

During which an audience of connoisseurs (at Bremen's Weserburg Museum of Modern Art) receive precisely what was owed...

(The first ten orders receive a copy of the promo card issued by the museum to commemorate TRD's performance.)

KSV 121 Raum 20, Berlin, 30. Okt: When K-Pop Attacks!

Luminous madness as DJ Wouter Jaspers counteracts the Acid Mothers virus with 30,000 milligrams of 2NE1...


Pricing: single discs €8.49 Eurozone, €11 elsewhere; double discs €11 Eurozone, €14 elsewhere.

PayPal: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.





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