Here They Come!

(Amended 31 Dec 10)

Hello Droogs,

Writing backstage from a club in Bremen where Blue Sabbath Black Fiji and I are performing a collaborative (song-based) set in about an hour, just after midnight (i.e., 2011!) our time.

Here's the new KSV attack flank you've been praying for. Details will follow on January 1.

KSV 090 ommyth - Peed Inks: Visualizations of Hemocyte Morphology

Long-delayed, due to Om's penchant for revising the final photo selection every other freaking day, but... 80-page photobook with accompanying CD soundtrack.

KSV 115 Tom Smith - 72 Hours

A seventy-two hour series of interlocked, extended vocal works, contained in an external hard drive with an accompanying 72-page photographic score.

KSV 123 Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson & Tom Smith - Heralds of the New Monumentality

KSV 124 VA - KSV Zwei Jahres-Jubiläum! (3xCD)

KSV 125 Karl Schmidt - 500 Pleas for Territorial Ambiguity

80-page photobook with text.

KSV 126 Patrick Spurlock - Xmassilibations

Brilliant new recordings from the TLASILA stalwart.

KSV 127 R'ed-Up Preths - R'ed-Up Preths

Demonic white power/Nazi rock cut-ups from Berlin's crazed hardcore Commie crew.

KSV 128 TS - Thwarted by Abject Spontaneity (Kurzfilme 2010) (DVD)

A collection of shorts helmed by TS in the last year...

KSV 129 Torstein Wjiik - Analog and Digital Nostalgia

Killer compilation from the mega-tweaked ruler.

KSV 130 Blue Sabbath Black Fiji - Shrinkmen Mirrored

New recordings rudely re-worked by Karl...

KSV 131 To Live and Shave in L.A. - Les poisons délectables (version)

Reissued in a new sleeve with three bonus tracks!

KSV 132 Cthulhu Teenage Desanguination - Lahaie Module X

Beyond witch. Far, far beyond witch...

KSV 133 Pop-Import Bridal Kink - Rheum 1

The Italo Disco is aflame. RUN RUN RUN for your miserable lives!

KSV 135 Poyster, The - Exhalted Golem Cycle

Sick strangeness from KSV's newly signed Sicilian mob...

KSV 136 Jesus Freaks Bremen - Der silberne Planet

Gob-smacked nether-drool from our Herzegovinian neighbors. Way-the-fuck über-gone!


More, including pricing details, on the morrow. If something looks to your liking, reserve NOW!




bruitiste said…
It all looks good!

on other topics:
Will we be graced with a "best of 2010" post soon?

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