KSV Open Vault Week!

Hi Again,

A very quick note before I bolt for my first class of the day, one that I trust will delight those of you with weak hearts that fairly beg to be toppled into full-blown angina.

KSVs 051-101, excluding the two books (which are always available), but including 061 (the 50-disc box/rucksack set), can be ordered from later today (when I'll post the entire list and prices) until Friday evening, when the vault will again creak to a close (until mid-March). Why? My printer is soon shuttering for the holiday until the beginning of January, so I want everyone to get their desires in line NOW. The sooner I know what all of you need from the mouldering pile, the better.

Many new releases on tap as well. I'll announce those on Friday.

Must run,



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