KSV Open Vault Weekend!

Hello from the Slow Thaw!

Winter has been an inordinately persistent wretch. To hasten the arrival of blooms, entomopathogenic fungi, and pollen-laden antlers, we offer a sacrifice. The vault has been thrown open through the evening of the 28th. Almost everything, save a handful (really more like the balled fist of a newborn pileated gibbon) of withdrawn titles, box sets and books, is available and at your command.

If you want a title from the archive, send a message and we'll either process the order immediately or crush your soul. Availability is your corpus of penetrability...

The backlog from previous clutch of releases has been cleared (with the exception of a few book and box orders still lingering around flight control - it ain't easy being the perfect label), so shower us with cash and receive endorphins via time-splice...

Coming Monday: Kangol, the third collaborative album from Tom Smith & Kevin Drumm & Tom Smith & Kevin Drumm & Kevin Drumm & Tom Smith, and a damned sight more...

Fuel rods partially happy to see you,



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