KDTS Tour: Day #7

The KDTS tour wrapped up in Köln with a set that veered into hitherto/heretofore unexplored realms of constriction and concision. My voice was a mere attenuated rasp, and Kevin's electronics were coughing and shuddering all the while, but the emotional frissons went deeper, and some audience members flipped out completely. A couple up front bailed early, visibly angered. I immediately leapt onto their chairs, one knee on each seat, and sang a passage to the row behind. A third person complained to a friend via mobile after the gig about wanting to "hear some noise, but Drumm brought this crazy Tom Waits guy instead!" I loved that complaint - it proved our thesis. The known, so comforting, was entirely disrupted. (And it pointed to the condition of my raw, contorted vocal cords.) And, in the process, it led to the creation of more than a few shimmering pools of beauty. We're going to continue the collaboration, so all in all, mission accomplished!



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