R.I.P. Harald Bockisch...

Our friend Harald Bockisch, a member of Hannover's Silke Arp Bricht / Oberdeck collective, was intensely reflective, non-effusive to a fault. Although he made a virtue of restraint, I'd seen him dancing, dreamily (and restively) imbibing, and sitting either with stoic remove or placid delight through scores of concerts and salon performances. He died a few days ago of pneumonia.

Life and death are ever capricious.

We are all shocked and saddened by his sudden passing...

(Harald Bockisch. Photo by Malte.)

Thanks for your admirable reserve, and greater thanks still for your friendship.

Requiescat in pace...


Anonymous said…
I´m very appreciate for your words!
Although I´m sad about that Harald has leaving us, I´m happy to have known him.
Thank you!
ommyth said…
I'm very sad too, C. It's such a tragedy... :(
Anonymous said…
Lieber Harald,

Du wirst sehr fehlen, warst ein Guter!

In Liebe Sabine

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