Under the Wires, the Ladder...

Hi Everyone,

It's been another mad week here at HQ. I received over a dozen emails from KSV enthusiasts who begged me not to launch a second release salvo until they'd had time to receive last week's larder and absorb nutrients from same. I've heeded their requests sans reluctance. Still, a new slate perhaps by Friday next? I don't mean to overwhelm, but I rather enjoy maintaining a pace unbecoming a proper imprint. However, one must be slightly flexible - flaming clods of debris can be lobbed by the diehards at any moment...

Tobias Prinz and Karl recently completed the artwork for the long-delayed Don Fleming version of The Cortege, due in August (on vinyl) via Fan Death Records. Very pleased with it, if I do say so. The redouble Ray Brassier penned an accompanying essay, and a DIN A3 poster will be carefully folded into each jacket's innards. He gets it, as ever.

More hybrids and 99 Eyes installments will appear threaded through the blog at the usual irregular intervals, so keep 'em peeled. And a new "Get to Know Your KSV Releases" segment will probably debut shortly. Sneaks, more info, etc.

Got to run,



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