Working Backwards from Infinity: ∞ -14

Tune distaste, hurtful joy!


Jared Wells said…
These are GREAT. Notes toward a new KSV tome I hope?
ommyth said…
Hi Jared!

Many thanks for your very kind comment.

Yes, there is a (slack) sort of narrative at work here, revealing itself as it spirals backward. Probable candidate for an anthology? Indeed. Need to see how the story plays out... Some are better than others in terms of their power to evoke an immediate response, but the less obvious, more oblique panels have a slow, foreboding energy as well.

Hope all is grand!


Jared Wells said…
Anthology? Yes please.

PS. Not quite the same, but you might like this hybrid:

ommyth said…
Nice! Thanks for the linkage, J!

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