KSV 179 Addenda...

Hi Again,

Can't quite afford the 5xCDr/DVD Drumm Smurf box? There's a special "Sediments" edition available at the usual KSV single disc price (€8.49 Eurozone, postpaid, and €11 elsewhere, also postpaid), one that collapses the five-disc tangle into a raging 64:39 inferno of mothlight.

The sleeve, as you can weep/peep below, is nearly identical.

No extras, just the hand-folded sleeve and the muzak, but for demons on a budget, hard to fuckin' flail...

Note: the Sediments mix comes along with the full-blown box, so don't buy it if you've already shelled out for KSV 179 proper. OK?

PayPal via the usual channels.

Who said we didn't love you, albeit semi-anonymously?




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