Achtung! SMACK SHIRE Sale!!

Hello Everyone,

As you're doubtless aware, we're currently ensconced Stateside for the holidays. I've been tearing through the archive, and blasting open the panic doors leading to the most obscure redoubts.

Dunno if you have any of the recordings the late Gerard Klauder and I issued on our Smack Shire imprint, but if you don't, I suggest you get your mitts on them ASAP.

The suspects:

TSSR 1001 After That It's All Gravy - Band on the Run

TSSR 1002 The Reverend Lester Knox of Tifton, Georgia - Put Your Face in Gwod: The 366th Revival

TSSR 1003 Tarot or Aorta: Memories of a PRE Festival

TSSR 1004 To Live and Shave in L.A. - God and Country Rally!

TSSR 1006 Sightings Tom Smith - Gardens of War

TSSR 1007 Xex - Group: Xex (expanded reissue)

(TSSR 1005 was never issued, due to Gerard's death. It was later released on Karl Schmidt Verlag as KSV 063.)

How about a SALE?

How about shipping from the USA?

How about 36 hours only? This offer is valid ONLY THROUGH DECEMBER 30TH!

And, how about sick Xmas 2011 prices?

Order now and get all six Smack Shire albums for $36, shipped anywhere, postage included.

Or, for $7 each, adding $1 for each additional album (if you need more than one) for shipping.

PayPal to tlasila (at) gmail (dot) com.



We'll have a new KSV release announcement on the 30th, after the sale is over. If you want ANYTHING from the TSSR archive, act now! I won't be dragging all these boxes back to Germany with me...




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