New: Rope Cosmetology Web!

Hi Again,

Good news from a related front. Tim Lane Seaton, erstwhile Peach of Immortality titan and suave multimedia counter-conceptualist, recently unveiled the official Rope Cosmetology domain. It's exact and precise and perfect on all counts. Tim, one of the five core members of Ropecosm, worked on the site for as long as it took.

The rest is up to you and your itchy orbs...

Yours, still,


Postscript: a cross-edict from F'buch:

Rope Cosmetology? It's the group that TLASILA morphed into following the Shave's 2008 European tour. It was too fucking obvious that the lithe, intensely focused Euro group was a far superior beast compared to the lumbering, often oafish performance of the 2007 ensemble (which on occasion featured eleven members, most of whom were hauling foul guitars from A to Zed); I needed to swim out of the morass, smash the framework, re-tool the lathe, locate the worm born of Selbstzufriedenheit, etc. And in the autumn of 2008, Ropecosm emerged. We're five years, five albums and one micro-tour into our regimen of aggressive angioplasty, and recently, co-member Tim Lane Seaton unveiled our official web. Go there, now.


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