New Links: Peach of Immortality - Talking Heads '77

Hi Again,

I've had more than a few requests for this, so...

This was what I was doing - at least part of the time - 27 years ago...

Peach of Immortality - Talking Heads '77

(1985, Adult Contemporary Recordings ACR 003 LP; reissued 1996 on Fused Coil 9868-63219 CD.)

Availability: both editions long out of print.


01 2 December 84
(live, Hardart Gallery, Washington, DC)

02 15 December 84
(live, d.c. space, Washington, DC)

03 20 November 84
(live, Hardart Gallery, Washington, DC)

04 2 December 84
(live, d.c. space, Washington, DC)

05 18 January 85
(live, d.c. space, Washington, DC; 1996 CD reissue bonus track)

06 24 January 85
(live, 9:30 Club, Washington, DC)


(Above, a dreadful photo of the foldout wraparound poster. Just so you know, that's
Mike Green from Boat Of pictured therein. He wasn't in POI.* The top liner notes were stolen word-for-word from the second Chicago album. The bottom "thank you" bullshit was purloined from a now-forgotten metal album. And there you are - instant doom.)

*(Mike eventually performed with POI on two occasions; in 1989 in Athens, GA, and in 1991 in Atlanta.)




Composed and performed by Peach of Immortality:

Jared Hendrickson - guitar and voice

Rogelio Maxwell - cello and treatments

Tom Smith - tape manipulation, edits and voice


Get it here.


(Brilliant gay porn clip art and LED font sleeve design for the 1996 reissue by Syd Garon, a longtime friend of TLASILA, an erstwhile member of the monumentally cool Frosty, and an award-winning, busy-ass filmmaker. The folks at Fused Coil nearly shat themselves. Not happy at all. But, to their credit, they allowed us to commit suicide.)


No explanations. We were loved/acknowledged/tolerated by few, but time seems to have been on our side. Or, at least time finally fucking passed out...



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