We Dare You.

Now it can be revealed: the name of the new trio comprising Aaron Dilloway, Kevin Drumm and yours truly, Tom Smith, is... Psychotic! (But maybe not with the exclamation point, as that would be too redolent of the only listenable iteration of Ultravox(!).) It's completely daft, of course - as Claudia Franke, Michael Muennich, Dillo and I sat outside a Hamburg bar two weeks ago at one in the morning, throwing back tub-sized glasses of scotch, I leaned over and said "Jesus, if Kevin joined us it would be completely fucking psychotic." Suddenly, Aaron's face transformed into that of an awestruck child. "That's IT!," he exclaimed, and the laughter began in earnest. To their credit, Claudia and Michael soon mouthed an ominous chant: "No, no, that's way, way too much." More laughter... It's 100% anti-"success", but a total fuck-the-world, win-win-win kind of moniker, one that points the way toward our potential - we could absolutely herald a much-needed new hysteria. (And we have a chance to re-make all those godawful, Manson-lite videos from ersatz-glam weaklings Psychotica!)

See you as soon as we see you!



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