Hmmmm. Nothing? Nothing at All?

I'm not the go-to expert on piety - I've been an atheist since forever. But I think even casual agnostics and momentarily dazed Wal*Mart shoppers can agree that in a universe with a trillion trillion trillion worlds (populated at the very least by a couple of billion billion clumps of self-aware, non-humanoid organic glop) that if there was, by some galactic long shot, an actual god-thing out there, he-she/he/she/it would probably be neutral by necessity, and not give a quintillionth of an amoeba shit about Terran prayer rallies for dystopic human candidates. Romney's defenestration out of the penthouse of American history hardly proves that there is no supreme being, but it strongly asserts that a lot of gullible Earthbound bipeds have a surfeit of free time at their disposal...


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