(Quite Probably) Single of the Year...


My tastes are rarefied, and my snobbery is an affront to civilization. If we understand each other then, an aesthetic proposal: the best recordings of the last two years have fallen on the third week of November. In 2011, we were offered Pinch & Shackleton's aggressively inventive self-titled album (on the Honest John's imprint), and Monday of this week gave us an immense new single from Kryptic Minds, "The Divide"/"Rule of Language" (on the prolific Essex duo's Osiris Music label). Brilliant, just brilliant. Mind has been scooped, thrown into an Aldi freezer bag, and dumped into a ditch on the outskirts of Vlotho. Severe perfection of a wholly other order...

You know what to do, where to go.




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