"Strident Shapes" (10/93, unreleased)

Hello All,

"Strident Shapes" was recorded in October 1993 by yours truly at Telemundo Studios, Hialeah, Florida. Its backing track was pilfered from a no-name library music CD found at the studio, and my vocal was improvised over the "Urgent Sports Highlights" riff in one take. Several of the songs featured on TLASILA's debut album, 30-mimuten männercreme, had similar aesthetic origins: "Get Fit to Herbie Mann!," "Stars of Fingers," and the album's opener, "Long Reach Composite," were one-take vocal improvisations slathered atop cut-ups of Miami AM radio broadcasts. "Strident Shapes" mined this vein, but it and a dozen similar library music improvs were shelved in favor of more frenetic explorations. TS: edit, vocal, mix.

Until later,



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