Karl Schmidt Verlag: New Release Shuttle Nearing Launch Facility

(Amended 21 Jan 13.)

Freaks, we're going live with the new KSV blitz.

Analysis later this week from Imperial Dreidl's delightful Donnadieu and the always cogent Vikram from Latin Declension.

Our very own Paranoid Leather has prepared a 22-minute preview mix of the new Karl Schmidt Verlag release onslaught. Get it here.


KSV 252 Unter deutschem Himmel g. ARR - Ruinous Oak Vibe (Die Hände)

"The formal microscope in scientific brains? Festival particles, installation diagrams. Correlative systems and liquid studies fitted more purely in algorithmic data-timing. Ruinous is a liquid microscope of the timbral formal mind. Data eclipse with simulated inversion. Diagrams, algorithms - particles using studies of chemical intent. Biological sputtering, suspended over spitting; Die Hände is all afterimage, a shrill, unfamiliar parameter." (Donnadieu, Imperial Dreidl)


Composed and performed by Rainer Grunenberg (aka Unter destschen Himmel) and Academia Riding Rust at Ecke des Monats, Berlin, August-September 2012. 

01 Ruinous Oak Vibe (Die Hände) (70:19)

Mastered by Linda, Viola and Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Sleeve by Plastic Fact.

Edition of 20. 

KSV 253 Merkwürdig Riechen - I, Career Fungoid (Pt. 2) (4xCD)

"'Modular lacking' is the definition. Merkwürdig Riechen are the augment, the archival awareness agitators expel in post. Bullying traces of iciest dark nod that darker grooves with skewed processes skew, mangling. Painstakingly stoic slices scrawl a darker Year 3000. Splintered tension assures genuine kinetic assurance and sorer contemporary kinetics. I, Career Fungoid (Pt. 2) is an unreleased trope skewed from a loose, stoic future." (Vikram, Latin Declension)

Recorded by Karl at Eleonorenstraße 20, Hannover, June 3-9, 2012. Composed and performed by Merkwürdig Riechen.

101 44:10
102 33:31
201 14:31
202 48:19
301 20:59
302 48:12
401 15:29
402 16:47
403 11:56

Merkwürdig Riechen: Andreas Brüning: bass guitar and treatments; Luke Calzonetti: electronics, keyboard and voice, and Tom Smith: voice and texts, with guests Ulli Kiehm (trumpet) and Tim Wameling (euphonium).

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Design: Mafarka.

Edition of 20.


KSV 256 Merkwürdig Riechen - Mourn Receptacle Fog

"The fall of attributable madness, felled with sweeping garage attributes and three times the swarm. Merkwürdig Riechen's tidily epic Mourn Receptacle Fog dumps the highlights into a lush torque of baroque opposition. Stuttering, the affected, heavy with hooks, mother five thug predecessors." (Donnadieu, Imperial Dreidl)

Recorded live by Karl Schmidt at Sturmglocke, Hannover, June 10, 2012.  

Composed and performed by Merkwürdig Riechen: Andreas Brüning: bass guitar and treatments; Luke Calzonetti: electronics, keyboard and voice, and Tom Smith: voice and texts, with guests Ulli Kiehm (trumpet) and Tim Wameling (euphonium).

01 Performance (56:11)

Prepared for release by Paranoid Leather at KSV HQ, Hannover, throughout August 2012.

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca. 

Sleeve by Monus & Una. 

Edition of 20.


KSV 258 Garbled Hex - Bedeck Rigor

"As Camera, 1996, Düsseldorf natives Antje Groos and Stephan Tannert decommissioned the yet overdriven. Their remarkable 2009 D-Ink EP Scenes Detroit Style re-scored lamentable epiphanies into dispossessed predilections. Reformed now as Garbled Hex, their long-gestating KSV debut, Bedeck Rigor, is 99% portraiture, and another 56% simulated rouge. Crude attachments are but yellowed patriarchs, youth colony exiles of accessible standing. Inverting these norms, Tannert and Roos dazzle traumatized palettes. Trusting the idiosyncrasies of the hovel, Bedeck suggests a razed audibility. Would that matter could be so thoroughly teased by others." (Vikram, Latin Declension)

01 Bedeck Rigor (68:50)

Composed, performed, mixed and produced by Garbled Hex at Sadaam, Düsseldorf, July-September 2012.

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Artwork: Pin Pac Pun, Medienhafen.

Edition of 20.


KSV 259 FSK Foyer - 22. Juni 2012
A document of an evening of performances at FSK/Radio Gargarin, Hamburg. The four sets (by Helge Meyer, TBC, Aaron Dilloway, and a Tom Smith/Dilloway improvisation, based on recordings made by the duo earlier in June at the Institut, Hannover), are interwoven, with 90-second segments from each performance jostling and slithering into raffish congruence.

"The crown of November returns, married beyond the mysterious 1969 now. Screened retrospectives of abortion-studded 60s community centers quiet Russian 50s patriarchy, elements of which then screen Romanian jewel career disturbances. Old-world patriarchy mysteriously arrives, introducing two orphanage lovers pledged as communists - one, an 18-year-old circus owner, the other, the impresario of an abortion center premiere. Each keeps a disturbing distance. A great, orderly theatricality emerges, gagging studded career elements in a blossoming world of bejeweled Novembers." (Donnadieu, Imperial Dreidl)

Composed and performed live by Helge Meyer, Thomas Beck (as TBC), Aaron Dilloway, and Aaron Dilloway/Tom Smith. Recorded by Karl at FSK, Hamburg, on June 22, 2012. Edited and mixed at KSV HQ, Hannover, by TS and Paranoid Leather, August-September 2012.

01 Untitled (75:10)

Mastered by Linda, Viola and Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Sleeve design: We Despise, Monte Müllo.

Edition of 20.


 KSV 260 Canasta Buskin - Shade Merely Succinct

"Ambitious herself to a dark idea, she emboldened drug-black minorities, seven beyond prison-industrial, to scale her policy slopes. (Abused Christian physician son's orthodox elements not articulated.) Shade Merely Succinct draws a frank orphanage into disturbing reminiscences. An abortion contention pledged Jarecki's patriarchy, drug-frank after negotiated visit with Old World maid. Other abused lovers may rap for dealers, but Canasta Buskin's predecessors rapped for radical corrections. Three Romanian cops negotiated the screen." (Vikram, Latin Declension)

01 As Well as the New Rector (47:49)

Edited, mixed, composed and assembled by Ulrich Mang and Gabriele Farenholtz at YBA, Dresden, during the summer months of 2012.

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Design and typography: Lento Double / Bergson @ Telegraphy.

Edition of 20.


 KSV 261 Trademarked Linens - Older Highborn Ablaze

"Slip classics, despite worth. Obtain the "never edge" series. Material clothing, clothing, not sailboat imprints, but mystery vessel releases. Compilation reminds the violated to drop days; the album is impossible. The CD obscures the obtained narrative. The boat album, mere damage to a dead jaw. It  reminds one of new clothing, drawn from drag-worthy wreckage. Settled, unlike forlorn period jaws. Older Highborn Ablaze is a forlorn boat presence several sailboats full, with material that reminds one to drench the wreckage. It reminds the impossible jaw of its origins as "hard remains," hard unlike those that died worthy of pasts, of never peer peer-wreckage, a wreckage that compares introspection to the inside drape of the never-known. Introspection drags this KSV release into a cabin and slips its edge into a gorgeous new jaw." (Donnadieu, Imperial Dreidl

Composed, performed, mixed and produced by Andreas Banale, Franka Zeigen, and Pala Dybbroe. Recorded at Carousel, Manchester, from September 14-16, 2012.

Prepared for release by Karl at KSV HQ, Hannover.

01 Older Highborn Ablaze (43:50)

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Sleeve: Force-Lines.

Edition of 20.


 KSV 262 Bugler's Euchre - Handcars/Tubas

"Nod after buckling terror. Cut the primordial brave alongside explicit cuts. Explicit abstractions beneath diffused confrontations. Awful itself, levels just beneath the spectrum contribute dread fetishists'  horror prescriptions. The basement sounds fainthearted, refusing pop with shape as clue. Indicators scrape far indicators of detuned first clues. Exhilarating regression! Uncomfortable gloom exodus fantasy! Johnny Gothic against era track-turf! Handcars/Tubas' Gothic obedience scrapes beauty from abstraction. Dread hypnosis burns detuned exhilaration from Western gloom. Reprise neo-nod-pop energy while energy spools, deviant eyes! Buckling in an early basement isn't the same as refusing neon creep." (Vikram, Latin Declension)

Written, recorded, mixed and otherwise secreted by Deurle van Stedelijk at Error Kabinett, Den Haag, May-September 2012.

01 Untitled (64:23)

Guests: Sean Quellen, percussion. Jeanne Floyer, reeds and live synthesis.

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Artwork: Fourth Principle.

Edition of 20.


 KSV 264 Pétain mollit trop & Katja Fregatte - Valse swing

"Dynamic poly-affair! Translucent house-house, eerie flux, with minimal pretexts swinging dank organs. Super-dark strafing of dark-house precision spaces, precisely cinematic, moody details hitting step-swirl presets with theme organs and car-deep dark bags of cinematic house flies. House-buzzing dark breach! Organs lean to a robust breach of poly-house organs, a poly-dank breach which releases dark, engrossing, whirring rhythms, currently unavailable. Valse swing flies straight into whirring house-subs, a poly-perfect swirl of "blue series" themes. Eerie, eerie themes." (Donnadieu, Imperial Dreidl)

Composed, recorded, mixed, edited and produced May-July by Pétain mollit trop (Frédéric Weiss and Daria Kréo) at Low Rent, Paris, July-August 2012, and by Katja Fregatte at the Mathematics and Informatics Laboratory of the University of Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Thanks to Louise (Paris) and Wolff (Sofia and Plovdiv) for their assistance during the creation of this album.

01 Valse swing (78:27)

Mastered by Katja Fregatte and Linda
Sollomovici at Slab Alucard, Cluj, on October 18, 2012.

Design: OSE, Sofia.

Edition of 20.


KSV 265 Colt After Blasts - Enforcer, Apartment R

"Much more than gritty, Enforcer, Apartment R posits Detroit as a subtle, insistent middle-aged atmosphere, terminally at odds with Hessian drone and disgusted by touches of classic spree. Its orbits subtle, this gritty fantasy is spree-insistent, a Berlin mass seen from the perspective of a terminally comic illness, a paring of fonts into rhythms drawn from vengeful melodic ripostes. Melodic cruelty enjoys cruelty, and Colt After Blasts exhibit an emotive vengeance, an insistent massacre of brooding sprees of disgust. A towering work of might and mass, Enforcer is important cruelty, a droll mass collapsed atop heaving dross." (Vikram, Latin Declension)

Recorded, mixed and produced by Armin Melhus. Engineering assistance by Tannert Hein at KR30, Wuppertal. Location transcriptions from the Medina, Tétouan, and Iguatemi Brasília, April/July 2012 by A. Melhus. 

Mastering by Hein at KR30.

Sleeve concept and execution: Eral @ Vegetable Ink.

01 Untitled (60:25)

Edition of 20.


KSV 266 Cigarettes Diabetes Death - Modem on Detonation

"Busted cassettes, cassettes, incredible cassette! Melodic cryptic guttural silkscreened copies! Noble hour, kidnapped first by strafing, sound-wrenching astrologers. Which hour? 145. Nobel summer label KSV effectively limits freedom with Cigarettes Diabetes Death's kidnapped noise, a wonderful vanished primal not-known of vanished rituals and heavyweight kidnappings. Mix elusive audio and a strafing of all percussion, and incredible ordeals will burst poetic relativism. Sad FM relatives lose electronic kidnapping recordings; when the freeform is present, a sad vanished strafing of wonderful sleeves commences. 5+! Extremely revered, but Modem on Detonation's disemboweled coffin-sound reaches the first astrology parallel in primal time." (Donnadieu, Imperial Dreidl)

Abraded, extracted, furnished and hybridized by Oliver Sailstorfer at Parsifal 8, Lucerne, August-October 2012. Final mix completed at S-18, Zürich, October 27-28, 2012. Assistant engineer: Peter Laner.

01 Modem on Detonation (68:18)

Mastered by Zink at D&N.

Artwork: Félix Hernani & B. Corra @ Sausages.

Edition of 20.


KSV 267 Os Dolores & Prefixo Vermelho - Extorsão

"Wandering mothers' trials style! Salvaged measure, real play-children play "style blue, you sheet!" There, forgotten traveled farmer collided through distinct tingle, a river unaffected by recordings. Finger recordings from Africa trials pack family circumstance. Here, Os Dolores' unobtrusive chords have fields fingered by half-European she-mothers. Collided with a recently born village, collided with success. Hurt far more at the pass trials, Prefixo Vermelho meandered through sheet-deep measures, never traveling more than a few precious ridges from forgotten tributes. Between the meandering never and she-sound mother-stomping, crucial cotton hurts entrenched style. You cotton trials! You little reminiscences! A recently precious family traveled alone, deep, then traveled to enthralling Cotton Awards! Cotton metal traveled between their fingers - the farmer feel style. An unobtrusive measure, Extorsão's river sound blows through success, as all half-spiritual rubble-metal should. Half-death rain style! (Vikram, Latin Declension)"

Written, performed, mixed and produced October 2012 by Dolores Sampaio (tape machines, analog delay), Eleuterio Fogo (Wasp Special, shortwave) and Goncalo Mancera (centrifuge, tapes) at Condes, Lisboa.

01 Extorsão (64:21)

Mastered by Linda, Viola and Uwe a Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Sleeve by Alps (1912).

Edition of 20.


KSV 268 Umiaks' Snub - Imperfect Plugz Epi

"How illegal his seas? Costing war, same shore, piracy! We're up to our eyes in stranger waters, and with the surprise casting of Umiaks' Snub's virulent KSV debut Imperfect Plugz Epi, make the estimation of former stolen slapstick a way to power occurrence. 'I'm a narrative state, a tribal derivation of seas, seas waging against poor piracy,' lacking the few who urge waters to larger linking deserts and slapstick drops. Dumping larger zero sums is just a home piracy pattern, the operation of piracy seas running hideously wide - one touchdown precludes applause, but countries dark, lacking cheer, derive cathartic photographic narratives from gulf state historians. This run, this rot, will dump triggered lots of scarred eyes into a death operation like triggers of touchdown prices, onscreen, barbaric, an idea waged from spectacle - former resolution zero. I applaude the ambiguous illegal other suggested by Schorr-Cadere and Bismark - only those divorced from the inestimable would unfairly complain that another latter stranger hears hideous patterns. Their applause will only capture a generic moral execution." (Donnadieu, Imperial Dreidl)

Composed and performed by Jean-Claude Bismark and Kate Schorr-Cadere.

01 Untitled (45:13)

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Design: Soffici @ Magnificent Champions, Paris.

Edition of 20.


KSV 269 Grey Wendt - 2 Squad Is Dead Marine 4

"The best schemes are nothings. The highest device? This sort. Schemes aspiring to no argument, consummate schemes of undead centrality, monstrous uncentered stars, exploitation microbudgets grossing stylish amounts and encapsulated in artful oscillations of soliloquy. As for the counterculture, an easy nothing. They aspire to mysterious fare, confident of burgeoning sincerity. They fail. Grey Wendt, conversely, are atomists of obverse nuance, a giallo's giallo, renegade corpuscularians hidden within a pendulum. Reapportioned, their color leader, the fascinatingly eclectic 2 Squad Is Dead Marine 4, pits fantasy opportunists against remote dangers and fleeting depictions. Their reappropriated capriciousness will influence future trends, just as it depicted the elegant pith of long-garotted prototypes. Myth informs their scheming ligature. 2 Squad confirms the observation. They are a magnificent encapsulation of the vivid absolute. The bulging will dig the freighted portraits they drag and grind." (Vikram, Latin Declension)

Composed, performed, mixed and produced by André Sous-Sol and Jérôme Crayonne.

01 A Subjective Calculus of Probability (61:05)

Mastered by Dint @ Tépé.

Sleeve design: Annibale, Synthetic Backward. 

Edition of 20.


KSV 270 Hyped Sister - Earphone Mane vs. Slow Neophyte (2xCD)

"Far-stepping electro-spitters score against emitted clarinets. Hard things knock playfully, exploding acoustic compromises. Cross-evocations effect the scrim, but improvised compositions burst into forceful, sax-penned digestive tracts, a Clash album titled Synthetic Free released on the Gurgling Behalf imprint and flossed with teasingly saturated, confoundingly deployed tenor. Hyped Sister's smears are unfocused, with snarls expunged. The ripe tonal bursts of the aptly limned Earphone Mane are muted pulse-worm phosphors! Swinburne's crawling downtown unguents decant atmospheres of mind-tuned remove; mute, elusive impressions drop tusks between fist-swift twists and deft, skinned phosphors. Scopes low, tusks swift and visceral, Hyped Sister's downtown hole decants sludge in a tusk-crawl effect. Theirs is a swift noise bread-tit worth kneading." (Donnadieu, Imperial Dreidl)

Composed and Performed by Henryk Swinburne.

101 Melee (54:23)

201 Forestall (55:00)

Mastering: P. Moton, Inanimate.

Sleeve: Rosa Thirst @ B for Shrapnel. 

Edition of 20.


KSV 271 Merkwürdig Riechen - Optik Murnau Bremen (2xCD)

"Unsettling archive sputter, morning-possessed sludge, a fiery collaboration, inspired assaults on the 'fourth assault' - the studio possessed against depraved morning combustion. Merkwürdig Riechen's performance at Bremen's 5. Jahre festival - infernal, heavy, compelling, unsettling - an inferno of moist martial noise, veins of drone beneath peerless, distorted clots of oviposited, fourth-drone throb, a visual assault that shattered contemporary third-noise facades - limited disturbance, institutionalized intrigue, and assaulted depravity head-ass-fucking-on. MR pierce the "brutal" silks of distortion with appalling, Ichneumonid indifference. And adult females shake their asses all the while. Optik Murnau Bremen is a must to parasitize." (Vikram, Latin Declension)

Composed and performed by Merkwürdig Riechen: Tom Smith, Luke Calzonetti, and Andreas Brüning. Mit: Boris Iko. Recorded live at Friese, Bremen, 7 Sept 12 by KS. 

101 Performance (40:00)

201 Rehearsals* (65:09)

(*Recorded at Silke Arp Bricht, Hannover, September 2-7, 2012. Transcription: Karl.)

Mastered by LVU @ SA, Cluj. 

Sleeve: Tormented Press.

Edition of 20.


KSV 274 Smith Pándi Jaspers Trio - As Mud Swelled (2xCD) 

"The Dom skirts James Last and twee mutant voodoo, resembling naught but CD funk, but the minutes of the gaslamp cosmic junkyard cannot phase a lie, and the Smith Pándi Jaspers Trio are black artschool noise of incredible psych obscurity. Five hundred French 80s noise loops mangle skewed, Ferry-esque motorik - unreleased loops, John Cage as a black thirteen-year-old, playing punto banco in Monte Carlo with Mimar Kemaleddin Bey on a leash, in anachronistic velour catsuit, live cut-ups of calamitous obscure vocal Vodoun dub! With As Mud Swelled (a sequel to Karl Schmidt Verlag's titanic Kevin Drumm/Tom Smith collaboration Mud Keeps Lifting Me Higher?), they boot intercession to a cultivated curb. Steel your mittens and D-ring these corporeal extremes. We worship access to their knotted accessories." (Donnadieu, Imperial Dreidl)

Composed and performed by Balázs Pándi, percussion; Wouter Jaspers, electronics and vocals, and Tom Smith, voice & electronics.

Recorded live at Kafe V lese, Praha, on the final evening of the KontrA2Punkt Fesitval, September 22, 2012.

101 Performance (room recording) (36:37)
102 Version (18:54)
201 Performance (line recording) (34:41)
202 Version (15:25)

Mastered by LVU

Sleeve: Thaïs @ Beyond Communism, Praha.

Edition of 20.


KSV 275 Destroyer Joint Mme. Joint - Incredible Nymph Navy (2xCD)

"Real coherence - works shod in provocation and prized of remarkable incorporeity - problematizes opposition. Talent opposes depictions of light, fictional sexuality, just as the promotion of cerebral shrewishness extends the joy of collective, tribunal affinity - copulation as lapidary coherence, a simultaneously disparate and collective explicit practice. While most in the present regime splinter the votive into horrific strips of affinity, long-established habitudes of covert telegraphy atrophy the canonical. Initiate rapid percussive shocks! Black warehouse minimal modular torque! Slow receptor overhaul! Producers' visceral torque age versus bass label flux! Incredible Nymph Navy sagely elides the cult of abridgement. As the left penetrate diminutive columns, the right perpetuate routes of defeat. The sand-blown militants of Destroyer Joint Mme. Joint are despotic analysts, telephonic extremists in grottoes of the Deep 20 (pre-Interview phase). Their bespoke remnants radicalize massaged abductions of notorious rage; their opponents merely police compromised capital. In cannibalizing sorcery, Destroyer Joint arrest the gang gang witch movement full-stop. In return, this knife-hot witch-police gang demand your full cooperation. Police, kill, kill!" (Vikram, Latin Declension)

Composed and performed by Rochelle Bowles, Michael Von Dassanowsky, Leopold Kriegk and Marika Tobis-Woche. Recorded June-November 2012 at Towering Indifference, Berlin. Mixed and produced by Destroyer Joint Mme. Joint.

101 Incredible Nymph Navy (Pt. 1) (66:47)
201 Incredible Nymph Navy (Pt. 2) (64:32) 

Mastered by Linda, Viola and Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Sleeve: Bjørn Frey @ Half-Color.

Edition of 20.


KSV 276 TS Ruinu - Swiped Jukestep Violence Stars

"Listening, broadcasting. One hundred and twenty others recorded "noise" today. On purpose? On referenced transmission theories? Quite cold, on time, and unknown. Might a copyrighted update take pains? Ultimately, the hospitalization of noise discs squashed the celestial compass beloved of cassette transmitters. Yet the noise-globe proposition fails the TS Ruinu test, an infinitely abstract and far more sinister guide to interference, one which defies limpid deification. Countless named ranges read all the films, but limited function is the sine that hangs the musician by the tonsil and tongue. Swiped Jukestep Violence Stars is an inhuman proposition of uncompromising provenance. Your infringement is their transmission artefact." (Donnadieu, Imperial Dreidl)

Composed and performed live by Jan Klamm, Ondřej Parus, Patrik Pelikán, and Tom Smith at A4, Bratislava, Slovakia, on September 29, 2012. 

01 Performance (31:45)
02 Version (34:19)

Recorded on location by Karl. Prepared for release by TS and Paranoid Leather at KSV HQ, Hannover, November 2012.

"Version" mixed by Karl and Uwe on the KSV Mobile, Bratislava, September 30, 2012.

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at the Slab, Cluj.

Sleeve by Zoncada @ Great Metal Milan.

Edition of 20.


KSV 277 First She Dressed Rats - A Domineering World

"Emblematic heart, gluttonous infinite. Divided crib, the congerie now lover. Coffin congerie night! It lies  ceaselessly. Night lies, crib and crib trench turned to infinite blood, gleaming over soldiers once night's broken tenderness mothers the arsonist’s transcendence. The pearl crib star's infinite soul is once again divided. Telling, crushed death texts ceaselessly project the arsonist’s contradictory nail. Crush the gluttonous mother-lover down! Viscous, once ceaselessly pearl-like coffin now absorbed under war text seductions. Divided coffin night! The trench self, bedded within pearl soldiers, ends its contradictory soul crush. A Domineering World is the boat text star of the broken missileer's transcendence." (Vikram, Latin Declension)

Edited, mixed and produced by Plinio Traub and Hannelore Natal-Dakar at Synoptic, Bratislava, between August and October 2012. 

01 Bez názvu (64:40)

Mastered by Doré at Synoptic.

Artwork by Putipù at Tin Eye.

Edition of 20.


Single discs: €8.89 Eurozone, €11.89 elsewhere. Double discs, €12.89 in the Eurozone and €15.89 beyond. The four-disc Merkwürdig Riechen album goes for €18.89 (EU) and €21.89 everywhere else. (Note: KSV 274, a two-disc set, is offered at the price of a single CD.) Some of the albums come with wraparound A3 poster sleeves. Postage paid, as always.

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