OHNE, Paris, 2002

(Cross-posted from FB.)

Of all the past projects I've either created/co-created/glommed onto/disrupted/outright stalled, OHNE remains my favorite, the one where personalities clashed from my moment we hit the A1 (from our Aarau, CH HQ) but the sounds made heralded a complete 180, seismic shift, total break, alienated the mass while enthralling the naïf, etc. Here we are, on the stairwell below Eva Revox's flat, exhibiting equal parts disdain and immodesty (guess who!) during our extremely flawed debut convulsion in Paris, early 2002: Reto Mäder, Dave Phillips, Daniel Löwenbrücke, and yours truly. Photo by Julien Becourt, if memory severs...

Best, as ever,



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