HAHAHAHA!!! Whazzettskkdioi! Kiiezzshhhwww!! WhachyouknowwhaeyemeanchhezhzAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!

Los Punk Rockers' endearingly erratic 1978 platter, Los Exitos de Sex Pistols, has completely won my heart. "I'M A LAZY SEVEN!" The best Spanglish album in the history of this and the other 665 known universes...

Sludgy Heep versions of Bollocks + dramatically off-kilter vocalist = best math word prob ever!

(Alas, "Problems" is missing.)


I've been going nuts with all this new trap shit, but today I needed to throw the ketamine out the window and return to Alpha Centauri. Los Punk Rockers score giant Space Invaders points with "Bodies" too: "Heyyy-Ay! I'm gonna like them all! BLOODY BABY!!"

Destroy your brain here.

Ciao for now,



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