Karl Schmidt Verlag: Jan-Mar 2013 (At Last...)

Karl Schmidt Verlag: Twenty new releases available now.


(Click the image above to hear Paranoid Leather's 4:37 exclusive preview mix.)

Recordings by Unter deutschem Himmel g. ARR, Merkwürdig Riechen, Garbled Hex, FSK Foyer (Meyer, TBC, Dilloway, Smith & Dilloway), Canasta Buskin, Trademarked Linens, Bugler's Euchre, Pétain mollit trop & Katja Fregatte, Colt After Blasts, Cigarettes Diabetes Death, Os Dolores & Prefixo Vermelho, Umiaks' Snub, Grey Wendt, Hyped Sister, Smith Pandi Jaspers Trio, Destroyer Joint Mme. Joint, TS Ruinu, and First She Dressed Rats.


bruitiste said…
Details will be required.

Btw should I be concerned I haven't received my picks from the Jan. 20 batch?

bruitiste said…
Oh wait, these ARE the ones from Jan. 20th post? Apologies for my confusion.


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