4102 Emanating!

(Amended 24 July 14.)

A very important message from the future: twelve new releases from Karl Schmidt Verlag are gagged and bagged for immediate misinterpretation.

Each of the new releases is a single-disc set in a limited edition of 15. (The T/SMS live album is offered in a slightly less limited edition of 30.)

Single-disc releases benefit from our 2008-2009 pricing scheme in gratitude for your continued support during this, KSV's fifth anniversary year.

Eurozone, €7.49 postpaid. Elsewhere, €9 postpaid.

PayPal: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com


KSV 327 OTI Vnod - Circling the Ring

01 Untitled (42:02)

OTI Vnod: Books Death & Death Program.
Recorded and produced by Violate Delicate at Capital of Random Death, Chișinău.
Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe.
Design: Systematic Punishments. 


KSV 328 Scurt Sel feat. Babara Cimeno Mock - Anti-Ornament vs. Genital Panic

01 Untitled (57:34)

Scurt Sel: John Barrard John, Hodgkins Pack, Christina Pack, Teakle Lloyd,
and Babara Cimeno Mock.
Composed, performed and produced by Scurt Sel at Milnes Sound, Coventry.
Enginering, mixdown and mastering by Doonan Joy.
Design by Christina Pack and Strip Suberts, Coventry.


KSV 329 Merkwürdig Riechen / Helge Meyer - Kraniche, Hamburg, 8. Juni

Merkwürdig Riechen:

Luke Calzonetti: electronics
Andreas Brüning: bass
Tom Smith: voice & texts

01 MR Soundcheck (1:53)

Helge Meyer: electronics

02 HM Performance (15:31)

03 MR Performance (34:23)

Recorded by Karl.
Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe.
Prepared for release by Paranoid Leather.
Sleeve: Dialog 58, Hamburg.


KSV 330 Arabelle SP - KNB Niler 9

01 KNB Niler 9 (29:03)
02 Version 3 (35:04)

ASP: Kate Murder, C. Hanging, Haunted Jon.
Produced by ASP at Fur Vault.
Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at the Slab
Artwork: M.E.S.


KSV 331 Born in Blues Control - Oberdeck (25. Juni)

01 Version (62:18)

Music: Lea Cho & Russ Waterhouse.
Recording: Karl. Mastering: Linda, Viola & Uwe.
Artwork: Presumptuous Son, Ashland.


KSV 332 Kefáli Tzitzíkia - Ki̱fí̱nas

01 Untitled (43:52)

Recorded Karl.
Mastered Linda, Viola & Uwe.
Design: SD, Heraklion.


KSV 333 Oρθόδοξος (Orthódoxos) - Ιερά φυματίωση (Ierá Fymatío̱si̱, or Holy Tuberculosis)

01 Untitled (40:24)

Recorded Karl, Kefali
Mastered Linda, Viola & Uwe, Cluj
Design Chokehold @ Versus


KSV 334 Konzertpublikum - Friese, 27. Juli

01 Untitled 43:24
Execution: Paranoid Leather

Mastered Linda Viola Uwe. Design Glukoseunverträglicheit.


KSV 335 Jenny Graf - Oberdeck, Hannover, 1. Aug

Jenny Graf: Electronics, voice.

01 Soundcheck (10:44)
02 Performance (49:39)

Recorded by Karl.
Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe.
Design: Klagegeschrei, Schandelah.


KSV 336 Fedoras' Molds - Tapetenmotte

01 Tapetenmotte (reel)     (34:20)
02 Tapetenmotte (acetate) (33:39)

Fedora's Molds: The Arctic Either & Hince Bloch.
Rec'd: Karl Schmidt. Composed / Performed: FM.
Mastered: Linda Viola Uwe.
Design: Shit Little @ PB.


KSV 337 Mit weichen Knien - Zuckersüßes Lächeln

01 Untitled (39:32)
02 Version (35:54)

MwK: Valeska Jentsch und Neumann Rautenberg.
Recorded in Berlin at Rotraut by Renzi Lissy.
Produced by Renzi & MwK.
Mastered at the Slab, Cluj-napoca, by Uwe (while L and V were on holiday!).
Design: N.N. Domröse.


KSV 380 T/SMS - Live, FSK, Hamburg (5 Jun 14)

T/SMS: Tom Smith: synth, electronic treatments, live mix.

01 Untitled (60:34)

Rec’d KS. Direct to HDD.
Unmastered. Design: Trotzig, HH.


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bruitiste said…
Are any of those double-disc sets? Asking for pricing...

ommyth said…
Apologies for not updating the post quickly enough... Only single-disc releases this cycle! Best, Tom

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