Karl Schmidt Verlag: New September Releases!

Karl Schmidt Verlag: being the best fucking anti-anti-anti label on the planet is relatively easy. Maintaining the infrastructure to tap into distant futures of calamitous din? Nah, no sweat either. We're so far ahead we've left our own sweet asses behind... There are 12 new releases for your righteous delectation, available soon! Wipe down the bench and geek out.

Left to right, top to bottom: (KSV 342) Three Hillbilly Fears - Whip; (KSV 343) Cut Loose Bitch - Zerstörer Backs a Knot; (KSV 344) Halftime Debt - Penstemon; (KSV 345) Gemeiner Stechdorn - Die Peitsche; (KSV 346) Paramedic Helmet - Pullulation; (KSV 349) Factories Empty Evenings - Fluoreszenzmessung; (KSV 348) Schrein - Bei Koc, 18. Sept; (KSV 347) Glatte Verweigerung x Paranoid Leather - Pferdekadaver; (KSV 350) Tom Smith - Your Violence; (KSV 352) Mavnlaust Oønster Npptog - Urmglockest, 21. Sept; (KSV 353) Reatsstaer - Mglocke Ruts, 22. Sept; and (KSV 366) Michael Barthel - Bei Koc.


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