New Releases (and One New Publication) from Karl Schmidt Verlag!

Dear Operatives,

We have a great deal to share with you so let's get to it. Most of these have been delayed for quite a while - the death of my mother, the subsequent, necessary and melancholy family business, etc. Sufficient space has been carved to present them to you - complete coordinates will be supplied on the morrow.

The T/SMS double-disc set is €10 in the Eurozone and €12.47 elsewhere. Single discs (the remainder) are €8 in the Europa and €10 in the hinterlands. The new book costs €25 in the EZ and €29 in the sticks.

KSV 363 T/SMS - Circe und Gêmeos (2xCD)

KSV 350 Tom Smith - Your Violence

KSV 351 Merkwürdig Riechen - Friese, Bremen, 23. Aug

KSV 352 Oøn - Urmgleck 219

KSV 353 Reatsstr. - Glo-Ruts

KSV 354 Péret - Rothenberg 9-4

KSV 355 My Habit - Split Gullies

KSV 356 Kunst und Antiquitäten GmbH - Um Fassung ringen

KSV 357 Paranoid Leather - Exhaustive Drgu Interview

KSV 358 Neanderthal Longueur - Acid Hominid

KSV 362 Uterine Pork - Latin Spray / Eye in Marble

KSV 364 Coked Eck - The Opinionated Come

KSV 365 Tobacco Kepi - Kapok Cenobitic

KSV 394 Alma Edice - Teeth 5, 6 and 8 of 43

KSV 395 Tom Smith - I cannibali carnosi  (72 pg. photo essay)

KSV 396 To Live and Shave in L.A. - Unwept to Meet Strange Clay


Much love and appreciation,



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