Stench Day Bonus: New Releases from KSV...

(Amended October 8, 2016.)


It's been almost nine months. We haven't been completely successful - of the 370-odd albums issued by Karl Schmidt Verlag between October 2009 and March 2015, we've only been able to rescue and restore 330. I'm astounded that our efforts were so successful - we recovered 90% of everything we'd lost. This would have been impossible without the assistance of Bruno Bissonette, Michael Bruns, Patrick Spurlock, Wouter von Jaspers, and Andreas Brüning. Thanks are also due to Robert West, who volunteered the use of his KSV collection.

As the eighth anniversary of Karl Schmidt Verlag approaches, we've decided to embark on a dual new release and digital archival campaign. We've returned. The releases you'll find below are available now and ready to ship. Your continued interest, patience and extraordinary kindness are very much appreciated.

To Live and Shave in L.A., KSV, and yours truly are committed to sounds, images and ideas that pummel the present and provide an ascent - however unsteady - into a revelatory future. Nightmarish interludes are on the house. It's good (or at least amusingly awkward) to have you along for the G-force crush.

The older new stuff, most of which was planned for release in 2015 but pulled when the master hard drive died, has been remastered and remixed, sometimes from the ground up. The only wholly new release is the T/SMS set, and its master recordings were made in 2013. The next thirty or so releases will clear the pre-crash backlog queue. New works will be interspersed. Note: our artists have been patient. We salute their obeisance! 

Here's the rundown:

(KSV 184) Interim - Round Trip for the Buffer (2011, 2016 restoration)

01 Swanin’s Abasement (21:22)
02 Round Trip for the Buffer (32:46)

Interim: O: Quincy / L. Denton - electronics and tape

Composed / performed / mixed / produced by Interim.
Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at the Slab, Cluj.
Design: A Bassinet, Bilbao.


(KSV 352) Oøn - Urmgleck 219 (2013, remixed and remastered 2016)

01 Urmgleck 219 (47:39)

Oøn: Onufri and Xhafa. 
Recorded Turin 2013. 
Mastered LV&U, Cluj. Sleeve: Proctor @ MAO. 


(KSV 353) Reatsstr - Glo-Ruts (2013, remixed and remastered 2016)

01 Glo-Ruts (44:11)

Composed, performed, recorded and produced by Reatsstr.
Mixed in Berlin by Eminescu. Mastered by Sarma.
Reatsstr: Ion Russo and Mihai Doga (electronics, percusion, tape)
Design: Zeltset @ Shelf Union.

Here's the A3 wraparound poster sleeve for Glo-Ruts:


(KSV 354) Péret - Rothenberg 9-4 (2013, remixed and remastered 2016)

01 Rothenberg 9-4 (53:38)

Péret: Julie Bazin et Katja Fregatte
Recorded / produced Paris 2013
Mastering: LV&U. Sleeve: Seghers


(KSV 368) To Live and Shave in L.A. - The Tall Ma'rib with Coalition Skin (2014, remixed and remastered 2016)

01 The Most Thin Missile Destroys for Beauty (59:59)

TLASILA: Tom Smith, Tigra Derougement, Bill Orcutt, and Oscar Perez.

Recorded by Rat Bastard at Churchill’s, Miami, April-October 1993.

Edited, mixed and produced by Tom Smith.
Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at the Slab.
Design: Betawi @ TVRI, Atrakaj.


(KSV 404) T/SMS - Lice Billionaire: USA 2013 (6xCD)

Disc One: Atticus Bar, Jacksonville (21 Dec 13)
Disc Two: Uncle Lou's, Orlando (22 Dec 13)
Disc Three: Fresh Produce, Macon (24 Dec 13)
Disc Four: Eyedrum, Atlanta (27 Dec 13)
Disc Five: Lice Billionaire
Disc Six: Impartial Agents (Lice Version)

Total Time: 335 minutes and 18 seconds.

Composed and performed by Tom Smith, with Patrick Spurlock (Disc Three) and Kevin Dunn (Disc Four).
Sleeve: Maciunas @ Cadre.


Pricing: the T/SMS set is €31. The others are €9. Postage is included. PayPal: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com. Forgot to mention: if you want all six releases, you can have them for €65, postpaid globally. Each album limited to an edition of 20.

Off soon to hang some posters for the upcoming Sudden Infant / Hull Curve / Merkwürdig Riechnerv show. Enjoy the remainder of an already very odd weekend! 



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