Beauty Power Codes: An Index of Endings

A special Soundcloud mix created from the final moments of four of the nine performances featured on the new Sensationists compilation by To Live and Shave in L.A., released June 1, 2018 via Karl Schmidt Verlag.

Beauty Power Codes: An Index of Endings (7:46)

Baltimore (3 June 15) > Chicago (26 May 15) > Detroit (27 May 15) > Richmond (4 June 15)

TLASILA: Rat Bastard, Graham Moore, Patrick Spurlock, Kelly Jamison (Balto only), Mark Shellhaas (Balto only), Andy Ortmann (Chi only), Julie Huntington (Detroit only), Gavin Perry (Richmond only), and Tom Smith.

Edited by TS from the original masters on June 1, 2018 at KSV, Hannover.


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