New Links #1: 30-Minuten Männercreme!

Hello Again,

New links, as promised earlier. The first will lead you to TLASILA's debut album, 30-minuten männercreme. I wrote and produced 30-mm from August 1991 (when "Shot Your Mouth Off" began to take shape) to October 1993, the point at which I seriously began pruning the 80-odd tracks that had been assembled. Forty ultimately made the final, befouled cut. The band was just me at this early juncture, but some of the names that would later become familiar were hovering: Rat Bastard mixed eight of the 40 tracks, Bill Orcutt played guitar on two of the selections, and Oscar Perez, Tigra L'Trimm, and Tracie Phillips, all of whom appeared on the Doris Wishman-directed Spatters of a Royal Sperm long-form video, explode over several shrieking shards. I started a label called Love Is Sharing Pharmaceuticals out of my Miami Beach apartment, had 1,300 copies pressed in June 1994, and finally sold the last remaining handful in 2008. Scoop it up, dear friends, if it's rigorous aesthetic convulsion you prefer...





Anonymous said…
crazy shit indeed!
Manel said…
I just discovered this album via Aaron Dilloway's recommendation and am totally blown away by it. Amazing stuff, specially considering the year of edition.
I think TLASILA and I are going to be friends
thanks for sharing
any chance of reediting this (not in cass)?

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