Ballistics Report...


Very pleased with the recent group of KSV releases. They're an accident investigator's dream assignment, collapsed dining cars and turbines atop scattered carloads of 18-meter PVC quills. More than one pseudonym has been employed. Remember why Karl Schmidt Verlag exists, and enjoy the pieces you're able to enjoy. Everything is ephemeral, save perhaps Limahl jumble sale maxi-singles. Those fuckers are forever...

Launching a new bi-monthly KSV mag soon. It'll be called Your Violence. Critical analysis, original and abraded photography, etc. Probably no more than twenty-four pages per issue, minimal made-to-order runs, etc.

Re the aforementioned releases: expanded info and particulars soon.

Apologies to those of you who experienced late shipments last year, and to the unfortunate few whose orders disappeared completely. The majority of those errors have long been rectified, but three particularly faithful and unfailingly helpful friends of KSV are still waiting for pieces of orders that vanished into the transatlantic postal maw. I intend on making these top-ranking aesthetes extremely happy, and soon. (Why the wait? I'm reformatting the layout on a couple of books, and re-designing the sleeves that sheathed the unfettered entropy of our most ambitious release.) The moral? Transparency is paramount. I want everyone to know that glitches occasionally occur. We could sometimes do with a bit of soulless efficiency...


There's a new Don Fleming Tom Smith album in the works. It'll be our first release together since the 1991 Gin Blossoms EP. KSV will get the physical, and DF's Instant Mayhem will do the virtual...


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Anonymous said…
Oh fine - thanx! with greetz from> to Linden ;-)

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