Forthcoming on KSV, Pt. 2

KSV 205: Tom Smith & Patrick Spurlock - Petty Demons (2008, 2012 reissue version)


Patrick Spurlock: instrumentation. Tom Smith: voice.

2012 reissue version:

01 The Man from the Restaurant (3:59)
02 No Ford in a Fire (6:26)
03 The Girl with the Hatbox (13:44)
04 Freeze, Die, Rise Again! (13:57)
05 Petty Demons (new mix, 20120501) (23:51)

Original album recorded Summer-Autumn 2008 at The Cat House, Valdosta, Georgia 
and at Western Blot, Adel, Georgia.
Reissue mix/edit performed by TS at KSV HQ, Hannover.
Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at the Slab, Cluj.
Sleeve by Anstoß, Hildesheim.


K. Saur from German art blog Auf Mund wrote a short preview review of the album. (Cheers to Karin for allowing us to re-print it here.)

"Working their cassette vinyl, Chilean psycho-acoustic duo Tom Smith & Patrick Spurlock ascend to prominence with these finest Berlin versions (featuring 'Handing' versions) dreamed up in their mystical bunker - this is B! Their Berlin remixes dream mythic one-counts that border synth-psycho pioneering duo To Which, with sounds more propulsive than Essential in Tape. (I am right on this, so don't bother to argue.) Originally dance-floor deaf, astonishingly immersive mix sources put polar aversion to the 'Cassette Honesty B-Side' test. Red B-sides approach among re-shaped, eerier scrapings, finally pressing toward proper power-vinyl versions. Mix-word wizards, proper (regal) counts, totally unlike your dull originals - the 2012 elongation of 08's Petty Demons is a focused tone driving to perfection. Spurlock and Smith sprawl where others fear to floor."

- Saur, Auf Mund, Summer 2012.


Coming soon on Karl Schmidt Verlag!


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