Forthcoming on KSV, Pt. 5

KSV 210: Linda, Viola & Uwe - Kein Empfang

01 Kein Empfang (49:59)

Recorded, edited, mixed, produced and mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at
Liveset and the Slab, Cluj-Napoca, December 2011-March 2012.

Sleeve by Secret Gate, Tiraspol.

Persistent, increasingly itchy thanks to Karl, Katja,
and the other dreamy hangers-on at VHQ.


"Drawing magic aliases, most musicians study architecture. Architectural aliases scam the drawing of magic through sparse freestyles of pensive synth drones and flex sculptures. Linda, Viola and Uwe are more persuasive. They percolate future names through smartly sculpted, beautifully diced infections. Their future bursts pummel scam-bass, germ-bass packages. Kein Empfang ('No Reception'), but serious compositional techniques analyzing unifying limitations. Copland collides with Starr (Jamie): hallucinatory eyes describe prominent teeth in gradient meditations of adjacent dark borders."

Fisk, Acton Slime, Summer 2012


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