Forthcoming on KSV, Pt. 6

KSV 211: Katja Fregatte - NARAS 1916

A berserk rebuke to contemporary longueurs from our favorite Bulgarian Wire reject, with a grotty trove of 78s lavishing "one-armed, low-focus dust on leering, book-bound carpets."

01 NARAS 1916 (50:06)

Composed, recorded, mixed, and produced by Katja Fregatte February-March 2012 at Utrobata, Sofia, and at the Mathematics and Informatics Laboratory of the University of Plovdiv.

Mastered by Linda, Viola and Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.
Special thanks to Lala, Radko, HJC7200 Radio, and the Hannover KSV brigade.
Design: Bomba/Zakusnitel, Sofia.


"Artists' minimal upside documents orient contemporary document collaborations of material stultifyingly founded by Plateaux artists, grounded in limply sensational curatorial booths. Katja Fregatte's NARAS 1916 is a sensational anti-booth. Techno sensational? Including gesture, the conceptual voice (truly known of voice) saturates the not-known through continuity monikers. One half entropic, the other, broken, saturates pre-existent cantus disintegration. The Kyrie-melody cantus function (as Fregatte amusingly refers to her jagged oeuvre) euthanizes notation in favor of a slippage of risk - "slippage lengths of not-forgetting." Sounds? Should new results imitate harpsichords, or reinforce insistent dilemmas? The inherent conservatism and moral provincialism of experimental musics ca. 2019-2151 suggest an alternate: the pea-roosters, calf propellers and bull binoculars of Fregatte's swingin' 16. Her improved calf is an entirely other cold red."

- Gala Z., Women's Wear Dunkel #9, 2012


Available May 31st!




Anonymous said…
cassette or download?
ommyth said…
Neither, Anon. Limited edition CD, from May 31st. Cheers, TS

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