Forthcoming on KSV, Pt. 12

KSV 217: Java Shlemiel - Hid Printouts

Java Shlemiel:
Wadlinger Kissling, Delapena Fortin, and Kess Blanc.
Recorded January 2012 at Goecke, Edmonton.

01 Hid Printouts (55:28)
Composed and performed by Java Shlemiel.

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe
at the Slab, Cluj-Napoca.
Design by Yuko at Herceg, Edmonton.


"Facelifts and killer arpeggios, confirmations of escapes and low-slung steppers. Rudeboy slouches value seamless sci-fi package-rubbing, but Hid Printouts, Java Shlemiel's seamlessly inorganic fourth long-player, has no glorious, soca-inflected syncopation. Its package has yet to give out. The Edmonton natives reexamine depth and force epic notions into vain centuries of stuttering declamation. Coherence is lamentation, possessed by excised proofs. Java Shlemiel deny even slight summation."

O.O. Eck, We Bazin, No. 14


Anonymous said…
Hello TLASILA / Tom!

As someone who has two of the three earlier Java albums, I can honestly say I'm shivering with anticipation. Pay Pal'ed the ducats earlier. Can't wait!


ommyth said…
Hi Paolo,

Do you have the Folio Moth Generalities cassette? That one is basically impossible to find. Kess was nice enough to give me a new copy, but the original twenty are like Hen's teeth... Many thanks for posting!

Anonymous said…
Hello Tom, I have Catcalling a Spiny Tyro and Ivy Interception. Head-wreckers. Maybe you can let me hear some of Folio?? :-) Beers& Best, Paolo

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